About [B7]

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How would you describe your music style, in non-technical terms?

Groovy beats and funky bass lines. I like to leave it up to the bass line and the percussion elements to carry on most of the energy of the track. Thats probably resonates my Brazilian background and influences, which I am more than happy to embrace and bring this Latin feel to my sets.

How and why did you decide to become a DJ?

It all started out with my dad. He is a drummer and since I am a little kid he put me in contact with amazing music and a lot of instruments that I messed with in his studio. For that time on my passion for music just evolved and made me learn many instruments, like drums, piano and bass.

When still a kid, on every party my parents would throw to their friends I would stay on my dads cassette tape player switching from tape to tape so the music wouldn't stop.

When I turned 18, already passionate about music and parties, my dad gave me two cdjs and one mixer, which opened my mind for a whole new kind of musical expression, DJing. That got me absolute in love. To mix two tracks and make a ""third one"" even more interesting than the two by them selves, that was amazing for me. Since then I have been developing my skills and constantly assuring myself that I did the right thing by becoming a DJ.

Tell us a bit about your fans.

When talking about my fans I have to start talking about my very first unconditional fans: my family and friends. They have been super supportive since day one, always motivating me to keep on the work and giving me the strength to fight for my space in the electronic music scene. Their genuine support and belief in my potential is the reason I am where I am now and the fuel for the long journey I still have ahead. I will never be thankful enough to them.

All-time favorite track(s)?

Percolator - Jamie Jones remix
It is still a banger when you play it.

What is your favorite festival, why?

Time Warp - Germany
One of the greatest indoor festivals of techno and tech house in the world. Great artists, amazing venues and astonishing visuals. Really something I am looking forward to be part of in the future.

Awakenings - Netherlands
Amazing line up and such a nice outdoor venue full of tech heads and music lovers.