Deep, warm music

About Diver
Diver was born long ago in the mythical subaquatic city of Atlantis. He spent his childhood in a state of blissful ignorance within the silent underwater city, floating happily amid its Art Deco coral reef palaces, unaware that a world of sound lay awaiting him beyond the muted stillness of the ocean depths. And then, one fateful day twenty thousand leagues under the sea, Diver encountered Jacques Cousteau, who bestowed two gifts upon him: a pair of headphones and an inexhaustible diving cylinder.

Diver's world had been transformed! For the first time, he heard music; for the first time, he could dance. Donning his magic scuba set, Diver set off on a journey which would last decades and which would transport him to bodies of water across the globe--from the warm Guanabara Bay of 1960s Rio de Janeiro Bossa Nova, to the murky Hudson River of 1970s & 1980s New York City Disco, to the azure Mediterranean of 1990s & 2000s French Touch and Tropical House.

Until, finally, in 2013, Diver removed his magic scuba gear and replaced it with magic DJ gear, ready to present his unique, contemporary sound mixing Deep House, Nu-Disco, Indie Dance and French House to the world.