The DJ that can play anything

About DJ Reckless
As a New York based DJ growing up and living in New York City, DJ Reckless was influenced by many genres of music. Being of Trinidadian heritage he was not just influenced by Calypso and Soca, His family introduced him to many genres of music like Jazz, Soul and Country. Living and growing up in Corona, Queens he was always hearing the sounds of Reggae, Latin and Hip Hop.

DJ Reckless has been in the business over a decade, starting his career at local bars and lounges in Queens and moving up quickly to major nightclubs in the New York City area. Reckless has had the opportunity to play at Webster Hall, Pacha, Hotel Z Rooftop and Studio Twenty One to name some venues. He has also had the opportunity to play all over the country and has had traveled internationally to play at many music festivals and parties. He also collaborated with many corporate clients like Best Buy, Liberty Tax Services, Midoma Galleries and Lush Cosmetics.

Reckless is always looking to expand and grow his brand and business. He is currently working with various artists in the New York area and abroad on various music projects and remixes. DJ Reckless has expanded his DJ services by offering full sound and lighting services for all types of events. Reckless has been rocking events and providing quality entertainment for many years. Reckless believes in providing the perfect soundtrack and ambiance to any event really makes the difference and takes pride in working with all his clients in providing quality entertainment to them and their guests.

How would you describe your music style, in non-technical terms?

I am an all around DJ. I love exploring all genres of music with my crowd and I am not afraid to drop in some old school 70's and 80's. I watch for the crowd and work my set based on what the crowd wants. I love to bring energy to a party.

How and why did you decide to become a DJ?

I became a DJ because I love music and I love to entertain. To be apart of an event and be the energy of a party is a huge honor that I take very seriously. I love to go above and beyond for my guests.

Tell us a bit about your fans.

I have a mixed following. People that love to hear all types of music and people that want to be in events with not just one type of sound. People that follow me want to explore all types of music.

What are your top 3 influences? Doesn't have to musical.

My top three influences are my parents for always telling me to follow my dreams, my wife that has supported my career all these years and the fans that help me get booked, come to my gigs and demand that I am apart of the party.

Any guilty pleasure(s)?

I love to EAT. I am a foodie and if my client is one also we generally talk for hours.

All-time favorite track(s)?

Hypnotize- Biggie, Triumph- Wu-Tang Clan and Jump- Rupee

What is your favorite festival, why?

My favorite festival is EDC because more and more every year they push the envelope.

Funniest/weirdest thing that ever happened during a gig?

During a wedding a gentleman in the party got down on his knee during the reception and asked is girlfriend to marry him. She said yes and then passed out on the floor right there due to excessive drinking. After he passed out she continued to jump around excited about her ring.

What advice do you have for someone looking to book a DJ? Other than "book me!" ;)

Book a DJ you like and that you can trust. Have a face to face meeting and ask questions. Not every DJ is right for you. However that first meeting determines more than a phone call for pricing.

Anything else you'd like to share (optional)?

I work with people to give their events a touch of energy. If their is anything I can do to make your event unique I wanna be apart of it.