Without music, life would be a mistake.

About High Math
House / Techno / Chill / Lounge / Tech House

How would you describe your music style, in non-technical terms?

Emotive tracks that vary in electronic sub-genre, containing warm kicks, complex percussive rhythms, punchy baselines and the occasional female vocal

How and why did you decide to become a DJ?

As long as I can remember I've loved listening to music. I started by listening to the jazz and soul records that my parents owned and started playing the saxophone in the 6th grade. When I moved to the East Coast for college I was introduced to electronic music by a fellow student, and ended up working at a seminal electronic music label in Philadelphia. After encountering electronic music culture I was hooked. The only logical step was to delve into music production and dj'ing.

What are your top 3 influences? Doesn't have to musical.

Josh Wink - Versatility
Jamie Jones - Dynamism
Guy J - Clean / Fluid transitions

All-time favorite track(s)?

Haha - this is always changing. Right now it's a track in this Ellen Allien dj mix. I don't actually know the title. Also my own productions - past and future.

What is your favorite festival, why?

Mysteryland USA - Located at the site of the original Woodstock 69. Great vibe / magical energy
Sonar (Spain) - Haven't been yet, but for years they've had the most eclectic lineups and find a way to intelligently fuse music/art/tech cultures.

Anything else you'd like to share (optional)?

Sound without focus is just noise