Listen to your heART.

About LXR111
Influenced by Latin Music, Inspired by New York City's Underground Culture.

How would you describe your music style, in non-technical terms?

Personal and Exciting. I like to read the crowd, adapt and make it a memorable moment.

How and why did you decide to become a DJ?

Always loved the Idea of Being able to Create Positive energy in a Room

Tell us a bit about your fans.

Wouldn't really use the word fans but Inspiration.

What are your top 3 influences? Doesn't have to musical.

Old School Latin, House and Hip Hop music.

Any guilty pleasure(s)?

Traxsource! : )

All-time favorite track(s)?

Riders On The Storm by The Doors. Love The Composition And Passion Behind it.

What is your favorite festival, why?

BPM Festival! Nothing Like Starting the new year at Playa Del Carmen in Mexico, Groovy, Soulful Deep sounds with an amazing setting and atmosphere.

What advice do you have for someone looking to book a DJ? Other than "book me!" ;)

Look for someone passionate about the Art of Mixing.